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CANSPC was designed with the strategic intent to assess and mitigate any risks to personnel, information and assets. Through robust risk management practices, CANSPC identifies and evaluates risks in order to provide its clients with viable and efficient solutions.

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Our Part is Security Smart

Services We Provide

Depending on your security requirements, CANSPC can provide a wide range of security solutions that can adapt to meet your business needs.

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Security Guard Services

  • Internal and parameter security foot & mobile patrols
  • 24/7 onsite security
  • Liaise with the local authorities, board members and various stakeholders
  • Monitor CCTV and security cameras
  • Issue security awareness notifications
  • Provide monthly, bi-annual and annual security reports
  • Supervision of contractors and emergency services
  • Covid contact tracing
  • Catalog incoming mail deliveries & packages
  • Programming FOBs and Garage Remotes


  • Manage resident and visitor parking
  • CANSPC agents are deputized by the City of Ottawa
  • User friendly visitors parking platform

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